Get Fit For Summer

Summer is coming fast! It is never too late to get fit and become the Healthier. Stronger. Better. YOU! Sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation you need to get started. Don’t worry — HealthMetric can get you to meet your health goals, just in time for summer.

Health and Fitness Program — Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult. Do you work out more or eat healthier? HealthMetric gives you the option to lose weight through diet or being more active. You can also customize this plan in our premium option by splitting between diet and activity 50/50 or whatever is best for you!

Here’s the steps to get started in the Weight Loss Program:

  1. Start by opening up the HealthMetric app
  2. Go to Preferences in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Scroll down to My Health & Fitness Programs
  4. Select Weight Loss — Set Goals
  5. Slide your goal for your weight loss — As you slide, underneath you will see Target BMI, Target Body Weight, and Target % of Body Weight change.
  6. Slide to select how many days you want to reach your goals in
  7. Select your current lifestyle: Sedentary, Active, Vigorously Active
  8. Select your strategy to reach your goal: Diet, Activity,  Calorie Math (Both)
  9. At the end — HealthMetric will show your plan. Total daily calories to consume, energy to burn daily.

Focus Group — Just My Watch

Do you have a smart watch? If you do, the Just My Watch focus group will be perfect for you. HealthMetric will pull your data from your smart watch and show you your daily progress. From there you can see the areas that need to be worked you need to work on and what goals you are reaching. 

Just My Watch Focus Group pulls:

  1. Steps
  2. Stand Hours
  3. Exercise
  4. Active Energy
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Sleep

Workouts and Nutrition for Summer

Are you already using the HealthMetric app but struggling to find good workouts and healthy meals? Check out our Pinterest page! We have a “Get Fit For Summer 2021” Pinterest board that we post to daily with full body workouts, targeted workouts, nutritious meals, fun outdoor activities, and more! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok as well!

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