Press Kit

Our Press Kit includes information about who we are, how HealthMetric works, how HealthMetric Portal works, high resolution creatives, pre-written stories, and special offers.

Pre-Written Story #1

Staying Hydrated

It’s summertime. The temperature is climbing and the humidity index along with  it. Which means the need to stay hydrated increases as the ability to cool off by sweating diminishes. If you’re like me, you can easily spend three hours in the sun without ever thinking about water.

Which is why I like Healthmetric, MSA’s all-in-one health and fitness app. After a morning outside, the app’s hydration progress indicator is still red. A  measly ‘16% of goal’ notice stares ominously at me, then changes to ‘42 ozs to go’, followed by ‘8 of 50 fl ozs’. Shoot, I should be in the yellow 50% plus zone. I trudge inside, guzzle some water and log it. I’m back on track moving towards the yellow zone. By evening I will have a lovely green circle with a beautiful 100%  notice in the center, maybe even a 120% to counteract overheating this morning.

This is the beauty of HealthMetric. Yes, the Focus groups make balanced health goals easier.  Yes, the health and fitness programs work for the novice or dedicated athlete. Yes, logging in data is easy. Yes, HealthMetric can track data from your phone, watch and other apps.

But HealthMetric is fun!  The environment is visually rich with dynamic animations. Circles move. Colors change. Notices rotate. The peep grows or slumps based on the average HealthMetric Score. The daily score moves from low to high, from red to green to gold. HealthMetric is not just numbers and words, but movement and color.

And that little bit of fun keeps me opening HealthMetric. So that by evening all my progress indicators are at green, full speed ahead to a Healthier, Stronger, Better, Me.


MSA is a data management company with over 50 years of experience.

Pre-Written Story #2

Focus Groups

As the world crawls out of the long, dreary season of Covid-19, we find ourselves wanting to move, to do. We scan health and fitness apps hoping one of them brings back our childlike enthusiasm for life. 

Should the app focus on hydration or walking, nutrition or sleep? Perhaps in post Covid-19 meditation or yoga is best. Can I track with my phone or do I need a wearable device? Do I… but then… arrgh! It’s just too much.

Enter HealthMetric, your all-in-one health and fitness app.  Designed around Focus Groups, three to four health and fitness principles are bundled together creating a comprehensive health plan. For example, if stress is your chief concern, the Less Stress Focus group gives you Mindfulness, Sleep, Water, and Calories in which to set goals, creating a balanced approach to decreasing stress. Your Less Stress goals show up together on colorfuls screens. Animated progress indicators track your efforts as Healthmetric compiles and returns your daily and 14-day average HealthMetric scores. Fun peep avatars encourage you to keep trying. As your score improves your peep does too, growing from slumped over to tall to radiating energy. 

HealthMetric can link with Apple, Google Fit, or Fitbit. With your permission, HealthMetric can read their data so it shows up in your Focus Group screens without you manually entering it. 

Whatever your needs, HealthMetric with it’s all-in-one Focus Groups can help you in your quest to become a Healthier, Stronger, Better, You.

Pre-Written Story #3

Health & Fitness Programs

It’s been a tough sixteen months of restricted living. Masks were in, group events were out. The couch became crucial while we binge-watched everything . Which left us feeling more blah. 

But a new summer has arrived, restrictions are lifting or lifted. And we want to do something active. However, new or old, habits die hard. Issac Newton’s law of inertia runs true. An object at rest – me – wants to stay at rest – on the couch. “Please don’t ask me to formulate a fitness plan,” we beg ourselves.

Enter HealthMetric, the all-in-one health and fitness app. HealthMetric has five different health and fitness programs to help overcome Newton’s couch inertia.  Pick a program. Choose your target goal. Pick a strategy Focus Group. This lets you set subgoals to help  achieve your target goal and a healthier lifestyle. Start at the doable rate HealthMetric calculates based on your input. This rate is recalculated weekly according to your timeframe and target goal. 

Then let HealthMetric track your data as you enter it. If permission is granted it can harvest the data from your phone or wearable device. HealthMetrics colorful screens, dynamic data tracking with its circular progress trackers and graphs, and your own responsive peep avatar help create that bit of whimsy and fun to tell Mr. Newton’s laws to work for you not against you ie. an object in motion – me –  stays in motion – off the couch.. And thanks to HealthMetric that motion can create a Healthier. Stronger. Better. You.

Pre-Written Story #4

HealthMetric Portal

Recently a young friend who works for a Pittsburgh base high tech told me that many of his work associates have declared they’ll never again eat at a restaurant. For them, movie theaters and crowded public buildings are out because Covid-19 has brought home how transmittable contagious diseases really are. It’s an on-line, curb-side delivery, take-out world now. 

If this Covid-19 paradigm shift holds true, where does that leave the gym owners, physical trainers and physical therapists in the health and fitness industry? You can’t do take-out training. Or can you? 

With the new HealthMetric Portal app, you can set up an account that interacts easily with your remote clients. When your client grants you permission your HealthMetric Portal dashboard gives real time updates on your client as they log data into their personal HealthMetric app. Real time information means you can provide  real-time encouragement, motivation and help whenever and wherever your client may be. Distance doesn’t have to be an issue. Available appointments aren’t a problem, thanks to the HealthMetric Portal.

So, have we reached the era of e-health, or take-out fitness? Maybe. But whether you see your clients in person or visit remotely, the HealthMetric Portal is your gateway to helping your people become a Healthier. Stronger. Better. You.

Pre-Written Story #5

Doris’ Perspective

So I must like the HealthMetric app because I work on it, right? But I came late to the team. I wasn’t part of the concept or design. In fact, as an older woman I was asked to see if I could even use the dang thing. To see what works, what doesn’t.

And for me? It’s all about the peeps. I can dress my peep with the seasons, or like an athlete. She can wear stylish sunglasses or sport a new hairdo. What’s not to love? 
But when my peep slumps over, it’s time to leave the computer and move. I want my peep standing tall, radiating energy. Her spot is in first place beating all my competition on the Where I stand screen. My peep is changing the predictions page because I am action in motion (albeit slow motion), racking up my daily HealthMetric score. 

I don’t have to train for a ½ marathon to score big. My goals are small. Climb the stairs in my house 5 times.  Walk 2000 steps. Drink 4 glasses of water. I should do more, but heck, this is my starting point, my goals. My progress gets me just as many points as my nutty husband who IS training for a ½ marathon. 
A higher daily score makes a stronger peep. Yes! Until she is standing tall with three rows of energy bursting off of her. And the funny thing is, she is me.
– Doris, computer programer for HealthMetric app