Gym Owners

Looking to connect with members at home? HealthMetric is here to help.

Drive revenue
in the post-COVID era with HealthMetric…

Reconnect with your members remotely. Follow their workouts, physical activity and even nutrition with relative ease — even when you can’t meet in the gym.
Set Goals Remotely
Encourage your members be their better self by reviewing their progress and setting fresh goals for them remotely.
Track Progress
HealthMetric enables you to track your members’ progress against fitness goals, and provides you with an overall HealthMetric score.
Drive Revenue
The HealthMetric app is free, but you decide how your members pay for the service. Bonus: our apps can be branded with your gym’s logo and color scheme.

Works seamlessly with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit

Set and Reach Personalized Goals

Everyone is unique, and so are their personal health goals. We meticulously crafted HealthMetric for different people on different paths to become healthier versions of themselves. Create personalized goals, track progress toward those goals to be a better, stronger, healthier, you.

Progress Shared

Whether working in person or from a remote location, your client’s progress toward their personal goals is always available. Review progress. Update goals. Working together to meet fitness goals has never been easier. Our new HealthMetric Portal enables one trainer or therapist to manage a greater number of clients more efficiently — sharing data from any location.

Real-Time Updates

While protecting your privacy, HealthMetric can harvest data from a wide variety of health and fitness applications in area-real time. Progress toward goals is updating continually, so you always have an accurate picture of your client’s progress.


Health and Fitness Programs

We created HealthMetric for everyone to use. Everyone is unique and so should their health goals. If you want to lose weight, use you health tech, or train for an event, we can help.
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Focus Groups

Our Focus Groups are designed to highlight points that matter to you. Achieve your personal health goals like drinking more water, eating healthy or getting quality sleep and eliminate excess data you don’t need.
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Custom Workouts

Create custom workout for your clients. Your workouts are added to a weekly schedule so they can see what is coming next. Custom workouts include: Name of workout, Weight, and Number of Reps

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