Your Phone Knows A Lot About Your Health: And that's a good thing!

Our devices have become integral parts of our lives - why not use them to benefit your health? Your phone can be set up to track your activity, nutrition, and sleep patterns. Each of these is important individually, but combined, they are powerful!


One Easy to Understand Score

Overwhelmed by Health apps on your Phone? Don't have a biostatistics degree to help you make sense of the mountains of data generated by all those apps and wearables? It's time to streamline and simplify! HealthMetric collects the data already on your phone and presents a single score based on your overall health.

Use your data

Health data collected by your phone and other apps is stored in a central hub. We harvest this data to provide a single Health Metric score.


Your Health Metric Score is calculated in real time providing you with a snapshot of your current health.


We take your health data seriously, employing the same 256-bit encryption used by your bank and adhering to HIPAA standards.

The whole picture

Your health is more than activity and diet. HealthMetric helps you focus on your overall well being.

Free Download

Your health is priceless but HealthMetric is FREE and is available to download in the App Store.

Easy To Use

Power and flexibility packaged together to create a single, personalized view of your health.

Smart People

Built by experts to provide you with the tools needed to simplify your life.


We are dedicated to improving our app and our health and would love to hear from you.

Instant Scoring

Every choice you make impacts your health - some positively ("I'll have a side salad instead of fries"), some not so positively ("Let's power though season 3!"). By incorporating activity, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, body measurements, vitals, and more, HealthMetric provides real-time feedback on how your choices effect your score.

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Share The Good News

Whether you're celebrating an accomplishment, challenging a friend, or looking for support, your Health Metric score is meant to be shared. Easily post to your favorite social media site to build support communities. Message with a group of friends to compare scores. Sharing your score keeps your family and friends involved and you invested in your health. What's your Health Metric?

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For iPhone

Apple's Health app consolidates data from your iPhone, Apple watch, and other HealthKit-enabled apps/devices that you already use. The HealthMetric app taps into this data repository to analyze the wide assortment of measurements you are already tracking to produce your personalized Health Metric score.


Follow your trends

Your health is a marathon not a sprint; chart your progress over time to keep a steady pace.

Set your goals

Try to meet standard guidelines or customize your goals to fit your lifestyle.

Track what you want

Focus on what metrics are important to you now and adjust to where you want to go.

Share your score

Build a peer network to help you improve your health. Your family and friends will appreciate your effort.

Take action

See how to boost your score with steps you can take to meet your goals.

Improve your outlook

Small changes can have a large and lasting impact. Use HealthMetric to start a positive journey.


Our most frequently asked questions. Not seeing what you need below? Contact us from the support page.

Do I need to be fit or dieting to use HealthMetric?

No. HealthMetric is for everyone - you only need to be interested in understanding and improving your health. Our goal is to provide a mechanism to engage you, no matter your level of fitness or health. Please, consult a doctor prior to beginning any fitness/diet regimen.

What data does HealthMetric use?

HealthMetric incorporates body measurements, vitals, activity, sleep, and mindfulness data. Collectively these provide a comprehensive picture of your overall health but lack personalization to monitor and maintain your health.  HealthMetric adds YOU to your health by allowing you to set your own goals and establish good habits that you can keep.

How does my data get into HealthMetric?

In most cases, HealthMetric harvests and analyzes data collected by other apps. These apps share your data (after you grant permission) with Apple's Health app which acts as a central hub for your health-related data.

Getting Started

After downloading and launching HealthMetric, you will be asked to provide access to your health data and to read and accept our Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. Your Health Metric score will calculate automatically and be displayed on the home screen. Personalize the goals that are important to you and continue to enter data into your favorite health apps. HealthMetric will refresh periodically to check for new data and calculate an updated score.

How to allow HealthMetric access to my data

HealthMetric uses your health data that is stored in the Apple Health app. Access to this data can be given during initial set-up by consenting to allow HealthMetric to have access or after set-up by adjusting the Data Sources and Access within the Health app.

What are the default goals and how do I set my own goals?

The default goals within the HealthMetric app are the recommended guidelines of the indicated governmental agencies: see the Health Guidelines sections within Settings for further details. Goals can be modified to meet your health habits using the 'Manage my Goals' feature in the My Health screen.

Do I need to track everything in HealthMetric or can I turn off what doesn't matter to me?

Your health is personal and you should have the flexibility to manage what is important to you.  HealthMetric allows you to disable goals and generates a score only the metrics that you want to track.  To disable a goal: go to the My Goals tab, click on a metric in the Manage My Goals section and click the Disable Goal button.  This data will now not be used to determine your Health Metric score.  To turn the goal back on: simply repeat the above steps and click on the Enable Goal button.

How To Use

Navigate within the app using the icons along the bottom. The Health Metric tab displays the most recent score, allow sharing the score to social media, and trends you data.  The Take Action tab displays steps you can take to improve your score.  The My Goals tab allows you to see how your score was calculated and manage your goals, The Settings tab provides information about the app including legal documentation and how to request support. 


The HealthMetric app is free. Download now to take that next step to a healthier you. What's your Health Metric?

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Our Team

Our multi-disciplinary team builds upon decades of successful products within the healthcare and life science industries. Using our expertise delivering innovative mobile solutions from a trust worthy source, we are working to deliver the best possible healthcare experience. Our goal is to remove the barriers preventing you from engaging in your health so that you can focus on what is important to you.


Tony Fontecchio

Vice President, Life Sciences

C. Scott Gilbert

Lead Developer and Technical Manager (Mobile + Wearable)

Raymond Lewis, Ph.D.

Product Manager

Crystal Falco

Business Development Manager

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