App Update 1.1.6 – Programs and Fitbit Integration

We have some new and exciting features in our app update — 1.1.6. These features include Fitbit integration and a variety of new programs for users to choose to help reach their health goals.

Fitbit Integration

We are excited to announce that Fitbit watches are now compatible with HealthMetric. Use your Fitbit to connect to the HealthMetric app. We have a focus group specifically for your wearable — Just My Watch. This focus group tracks:

Stand hours
Active Energy



Our users now have the power to set a main goal (using programs) with a target metric and duration. The new programs include Lose Weight, Learn to De-stress, Get Off the Couch, Stepping/Pushing Through, and Healthy at Home. You choose what program is best for you. 

Lose Weight Program

Lose weight YOUR way! HealthMetric lets you set your weight loss goal by choosing the amount you want to lose and the time frame you want to lose by. You can adjust your goal by the amount of activity you do or by your diet. Focus groups for the Lose Weight program are Be More Active and Not A Diet, as well as the premium focus group Calorie Math.

Learn to De-stress Program

Beating stress is more than just getting in a quick yoga session — HeathMetric provides options to fit your lifestyle to beat the stress. The Learn to De-stress program focuses on inscribing relaxation/meditation/mindfulness minutes per day. Less Stress and Just My Phone are the focus groups available for this program, as well as the premium focus group — Under Pressure 

Get Off The Couch Program

The decision to get off the couch is hard, but using HealthMetric’s new program will help make it easier. You’ll be motivated to get in your exercise minutes more than ever. Use the tech, you know the watch you bought to help get healthy, by creating an activity regimen. Focus groups for the Get Off The Couch program are Be More Active and Just My Watch, along with the premium focus group — Breathe Easy. 

Stepping/Pushing Through Program

Movement is great for your health! Focus on your activity to keep your heart healthy and increasing your steps/pushes per day. Phones are a good tool to help guide you on your health journey — Just My Phone and Just My Watch are the focus groups available for the Stepping/Pushing Through program. The premium focus group for this program is Heart Health. 

Healthy At Home Program

It is important to use your time at home to focus on your health. Focus on a balance of activity and nutrition to build a positive home atmosphere. Focus groups for the Healthy At Home program are Just My Watch to put your tech to use, and Be Active to track your workouts while staying hydrated. The premium focus group for this program is Calorie Math.


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