Focus Groups

Our Focus Groups are designed to highlight points that matter to you. Achieve your personal health goals like drinking more water, eating healthy or getting quality sleep and eliminate excess data you don’t need.
Better Sleep

Sleep is an important part of our health, but is often a low priority in our busy lives. Lowering caffeine intake, reducing stress, and activity can all impact sleep quality. Goals: Sleep Analysis, Caffeine Consumption, Mindful Minutes, and Steps.

Be More Active

Being active doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. It can be walking the dog or doing yoga. But also remember to fuel your body and stay hydrated. Goals: Exercise, Active Energy, Calories, and Water.

Just My Phone

Link to Apple’s Health or Google Fit to combine health and fitness data that your phone is already collecting with HealthMetric’ s data. Goals: Steps, Mindfulness, and Sleep.

Heart Health

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for adults, keeping a healthy heart is an important preventive step. Getting regular activity can go a long way to making your heart strong and happy. Goals: Cholesterol, Steps, and Exercise

Hello Kidney

Kidneys are involved in regulating blood pressure and water balance. Keep your kidneys happy by exercising and eating a low sodium diet. Goals: Sodium, Water, Steps, and Protein.

Better Hydration

Being hydrated is all about the balance of water intake from foods and drinks with the water lost from activity. Goals: Water, Caffeine, Steps, and Exercise.

"Not A Diet" Diet

Diets should be balanced and focus on changing small habits over time to promote a healthier lifestyle. Adjust the percentage of calories that come from carbohydrates, fat, and protein to match your optimum diet goals. Goals: Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein, and Water.

Macro Focus

The food you eat is made up of three main macronutrients: fat, carbs, and protein that give you energy. Adjust the percent of calories that you want to come from each macro to fine tune your diet goals. Goals: Calories, Fat, Carbs, and Protein.

Sugar Tracker

Excess sugar consumption can lead to serious health conditions. Limiting sugar intake, remaining active, and monitoring your weight provide a good start to a healthy lifestyle. Goals: Sugar, Carbs, Steps, and Exercise.

Breathe Easy

Healthy lungs provide oxygen for our body and protection from airborne germs and pollutants. Exercise, hydration, and focused breathing during meditation improve lung function. Goals: Exercise, Steps, Mindfulness, and Water.

Less Stress

Reducing stress can improve your mood, but also improve your overall health. Increased stress can reduce sleep and lead to binge eating. Goals: Mindful Minutes, Sleep Analysis, Water, and Calories.

Just My Watch

HealthMetric is a great accessory for smart watches and other wearables. Link your watch to Apple Health or Google Fit to automatically sync health and fitness data recorded on your watch to the HealthMetric app. Goals: Steps, Stand hours, Exercise, Active Energy, Mindfulness, and Sleep.

Physical Wellness

Take the holistic approach to health: Activity and exercise keep your body in top condition; a well-balanced diet provides the energy you need to be productive; proper sleep and hydration work to keep your mind focused. Goals: Steps, Exercise, Calories, Water, and Sleep.

Under Pressure

Lifestyle plays a key role in controlling your blood pressure. Healthy choices such as regular exercise, weight loss, and meditation can have a direct impact on blood pressure. Goals: Mindfulness, Sodium, Steps, Exercise, and Caffeine

Calorie Math

Calories aren’t bad for you. Our bodies need calories to survive and give us energy throughout the day. The key is being mindful of what you eat and find the right balance of caloric input and output. Goals: Active Energy, Calories, and Water.