Hectic Holidays: Stay calm and enjoy the festivities

The holiday season is here again: a joyous time where inclement weather, extra commitments, and finding those perfect gifts add to our already hectic lives. It is easy to pack our schedules so full of activities that we don’t have time for ourselves.  How can you remain jolly and make it to the New Year with your sanity intact?

The answer is just a few taps away on your phone.  HealthMetric is an all-in-one health & fitness app that is the easiest way to keep focused on your health goals to help reduce your stress and enjoy the holidays . An added bonus: HealthMetric is free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Keeping stress in check

Calming your nerves isn’t just achieved by meditating for a couple of minutes every day—regular sleep and exercise can also help reduce stress levels. Use HealthMetric to track your personalized daily goals so that you can enjoy the holidays again:  

  • The ‘Less Stress’ Focus Group tracks mindfulness/relaxation time and sleep to keep your stress levels down and your mind clear and sharp. Getting enough sleep – even if you have to sneak an occasional – will help keep you in a festive mood.


Super-charge your stress relief during the holiday season by using the ‘Breath Easy’ Focus Group to pair physical activity with meditation/mindfulness. Exercise paired with meditation can re0-charge your body and mind.


But remember: your health isn’t seasonal and shouldn’t be complicated. So download HealthMetric now and become: Healthier. Stronger. Better. You.

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