Health & Fitness Programs

HealthMetric was created for everyone to use. We meticulously crafted health Programs for people on different paths to the healthier version of themselves. Everyone is unique with their own unique health goals. If you want to lose weight, use you health tech, or train for an event, we can help.
Lose Weight

Set your weight loss goal by choosing the amount you want to lose and the time frame you want to lose by Strategies: “Not A Diet” Diet, Be More Active *Premium: Calorie Math

Healthy At Home

Focus on a balance of activity and nutrition to build a positive home atmosphere. Strategies: Just My Watch, Be More Active *Premium: Calorie Math

Get Off The Couch

The decision to get off the couch is hard, but using this program will help make it easier. Strategies: Just My Watch, Be More Active *Premium: Breathe Easy

Stepping/Pushing Through

Focus on your activity to keep your heart healthy and increasing your steps/pushes per day. Strategies: Just My Watch, Just My Phone *Premium: Heart Health

Learn To De-Stress

HealthMetric provides options to fit your lifestyle to beat the stress. Strategies: Less Stress, Just My Phone *Premium: Under Pressure