#20for2020: An exercise trend that is easy to keep.

It is growing in popularity: a resolution to perform 20 reps of an exercise or multiple exercises each day for 2020. But should you join in on the fun?

The answer: a definitive YES. The beauty of this trend is that you decide what your are going to do and where you are going to do it–no fancy equipment is needed, you don’t have to go to the gym, and it doesn’t take up much time. Plus, it is perfect for beginners to add a daily activity and fitness experts as a modification to your current routine.

So how do you start? Simple, just pick one or two exercises that you feel comfortable with (see example list below), set aside some time every day to complete your routine, and go. Don’t forget to post your progress on social media to keep you and your followers motivated.

  • 20 push ups
  • 20 squats
  • 20 pull ups
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 arm rotations
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 20 minute walk

Benefits of Walking

Who says you always have to do a hard workout? Health.com wrote a great article about the benefits of walking. We love taking a nice walk—to clear our heads and there are more health benefits then you think!

👟 It strengthens your heart. Walking for 30 minutes a day can help improve your blood pressure and reduce risks of heart disease and strokes.

👟 It can help ease your sugar cravings.

👟 It improves your brain health.

👟 It’s a mood booster, and if you’re at work, it gives you a break from your chair throughout the day.

PULL-UPS: You either Love Them or Hate Them

women doing pull ups at gym

Do you dread or love pull ups?

Regardless, it’s a great compound move that helps your arms, back, and core.
Other benefits include:

  • Functional strength: Dynamic compound moves can strengthen the relationship between your nervous and muscular systems.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Help relieve back pain. Constant sitting can increase the physiological load on your back. Strengthening your core and back muscles can help.

High Intensity Interval Training

HealthMetric women in a HIT class with yoga mat

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, consists of workouts that have short periods of intense exercise with recovery periods. We found some benefits for HIIT on the HealthLine website.

Interested in giving HIIT a go? Just take a look at the benefits!

🔥 Burn calories in a short amount of time

🔥 Your metabolic rate is higher after exercise

🔥 It can reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar

🔥 Can improve your oxygen consumption

🔥 Helps you lose fat and gain muscle