Thank you for volunteering your time to participate in the HealthMetric App Beta Program. We are *so* excited to get feedback from you — we need YOUR help to make HealthMetric the best it can be!

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Our most frequently asked questions. Not seeing what you need below? We're here to help. Submit a Support Ticket from the link in the top-right menu on this page.

How do I get the TestFlight invitation?

BETA version of HealthMetric are managed via Apple's TestFlight application. In order to get the HealthMetric app installed on your iPhone — you will need to receive an invitation containing a REDEEM code. Contact us if you need an invitation sent (or resent) to you.

What data does HealthMetric use?

HealthMetric incorporates body measurements, vitals, activity, sleep, and mindfulness data. Collectively these provide a comprehensive picture of your overall health but lack personalization to monitor and maintain your health.  HealthMetric adds YOU to your health by allowing you to set your own goals and establish good habits that you can keep.

How does my data get into HealthMetric?

In most cases, HealthMetric harvests and analyzes data collected by other apps. These apps share your data (after you grant permission) with Apple's Health app which acts as a central hub for your health-related data.

Getting Started

After downloading and launching HealthMetric, you will be asked to provide access to your health data and to read and accept our Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. Your Health Metric score will calculate automatically and be displayed on the home screen.  The app will refresh periodically to check for new data and calculate an updated Health Metric score.

How to allow HealthMetric access to my data

HealthMetric uses your health data that is stored in the Apple Health app. Access to this data can be given during initial set-up by consenting to allow HealthMetric to have access or after set-up by adjusting the Data Sources and Access within the Health app.

What are the default goals and how do I set my own goals?

The default goals within the HealthMetric app are the recommended guidelines of the indicated governmental agencies: see the Health Guidelines sections within Settings for further details. Goals can be modified to meet your health habits using the 'Manage my Goals' feature in the My Health screen.

How To Use

Navigate within the app using the icons along the bottom. The Health Metric tab displays the most recent score, allow sharing the score to social media, and trends you data.  The Take Action tab displays steps you can take to improve your score.  The My Health tab allows you to see how your score was calculated and manage your goals, The Settings tab provides information about the app including legal documentation and how to request support. 


What To Test

Each HealthMetric BETA you receive will come with a short punch list of "What to Test". You should specifically test whats on each list as they are the very latest changes to the app's core code. You should then test all other parts of the app — to help make sure these new features don't break other sections of code.



If you give us feedback — you can be sure we'll use it. The very best comments will be used in our promotional materials (with your permission of course).

HealthMetric is helping me pay attention to my diet and activity (or lack thereof) in ways I’ve never imagined. I love the clean design and am looking forward to using the app regularly!


Bill Nuttall

Project Manager, Life Sciences

How To Give Feedback

Your feedback is critical to the success of HealthMetric. There are two ways to get that feedback to us. To provide feedback anonymously use the Give Feedback page on the Settings tab inside the app. To provide a greater deal of feedback — and exchange messages about your feedback with our team — fill out a support ticket by clicking on the SUPPORT link in the top-right navigation of this page.


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