A new you for 2020: Digitize your New Year’s Resolutions.

It happens every year: you make a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and this is finally the year you stick with it—you swear. But you wake up on Jan 1 and reality sets in: the resolutions can wait until next Monday to start (because Mondays are the optimal time to start new routines, right?); or you just pretend that you were caught up in the moment and dismiss your resolution outright. Even if you start, your willpower wanes over the coming weeks and you are back to your old ways before Groundhog’s Day.  So how can we hold ourselves to our promises and keep our resolutions?

The easiest way to create and track your 2020 resolutions is to download one of the countless number of fitness-focused apps available in your phone’s app store.  Sorting thru all other apps can be confusing (and possibly another reason to forgo your resolutions) so pick one that is easy to use, will help you keep your goals, and is local. HealthMetric is an all-in-one health and fitness tracker that was created right here in Pittsburgh. Designed to tackle even the most ambitious New Year’s Resolutions, HealthMetric is free to download for both Apple and Android phones.



HealthMetric has you covered, whatever your New Year’s Resolutions happens to be:

  • Lose weight: create a personalized weight loss program by tweaking your diet, increasing your activity, or a combination of the two
  • Exercise more: pair HealthMetric with your fitness tracker or use our integrated voice commands to track your workouts; combine your increased activity with sleep analysis or hydration levels to see how your new routines are impacting your overall wellness
  • Reduce stress: incorporate relaxation techniques into your daily routine to focus on you and your mental health; pair with sleep and exercise tracking to really get in a groove
  • Eliminate caffeine: use our large, curated food database to monitor daily caffeine consumption, hydration, and nutrition all within a single app; record branded, homemade, or restaurant food and beverages with only a few taps
  • Get healthy: select your health focus – mix and match goals for meditation, sleep, hydration, activity, diet, and more to create the path towards a healthier you.
So download HealthMetric now and lets work together to make 2020 your best year.  Keep those resolutions and become: Healthier. Stronger. Better. You.

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