5 Low Calorie Candy for Halloween

5 low calorie candies and sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your diet

The candy bowl full of sweets your kids collected from Halloween can be tempting. They won’t miss one king-sized snickers bar right? Halloween doesn’t have to break all the hard work you have done to maintain a healthy lifestyle or discourage you from starting a new healthy meal plan. If you are craving something sweet, it doesn’t have to be full of empty calories and added sugars.

Try to curve that craving with these 5 low calorie candy options.

Honey Sticks

different flavors of honey sticks
Honey sticks are a great sweet treat that have hidden health benefits. According to the, there are many benefits to raw honey including being low in calories, a good source of antioxidants and helps with digestive issues. It is also great for soothing sore throats. You can shop locally for your honey sticks at farms and farmer’s markets. They are usually fairly cheap and come in a variety of flavors like lavender, blackberry, and apple. With only 20 calories, 4g of carbs, and 4g of sugar. You can try a variety of flavors without cheating on your healthy diet.

Fruit Leather

Mixed Berries-blueberry, raspberry, strawberry

If you want all the sweetness of candy but without all the added sugar, fruit leathers are your best bet. The soft yet chewy texture is similar to other fruit chew candies but with more nutritional value. Nowadays you can find fruit leathers in major grocery stores. Places like Aldi and Trader Joes always have them sitting by the register ready for you to grab. The individual wrapped portioned will keep your portions under control. The 50 calories, 12 g carbs, and 10 g of sugar snack with keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate with nuts

If you are a chocoholic, dark chocolate is a great dessert to have. There have been many studies on the benefits of eating dark chocolate. Typically the darker the better. The higher percent of pure cocoa eliminates the need for added sugars and creams. Try to get chocolate as dark and bitter as you prefer. Typically dark chocolate ranges in calories depending on the brand and extra add-ins. For an Intense Dark Ghiradelli Square it is 60 calories, 4 g of carbs, and 1 g of sugar. If you are missing some extra flavoring, I like to dip mine in a little all-natural peanut butter.

YumEarth Naturals Gummy Bears

yumearth organic, natural, gummy bears

There are a bunch of healthier alternatives to gummy candies. Our favorite is YumEarth. They are made with organic ingredients and use natural flavors and no artificial dyes to color their candies. What is great about this brand is there focus on allergy-free products. They give a detailed outline of their ingredients on the webstie including which candies you can enjoy if you are gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan. This 60 calories, 13 g of carbs and 11 g of sugar option is a great option if you want to cut out the processed and artificial ingredients in candy and stick with more naturally sweetened products.

Go Fun Sized

mini candy-m&m, snickers, mars. twix

It is ok to to eat your favorite candy. Just keep in mind the portion size. While many kids may compline over houses that give out smaller sized candies, you can surely take them off your kid’s hands. If your favorite candy is Reeces, don’t feel guilty have one or maybe two of them. Fun-sized candies can vary in nutrition info. To give you a benchmark, a fun-sized snickers bar is around 80 calories, 10 g of carbs and 9 g of sugar.

We hope these low calorie candy for Halloween, helps keep your hand out of the candy bowl. The nutrition information we gave may vary depending on what product and brand you eat. For more nutrition information, search the foods through the log-it screen on the HealthMetric app and get the full nutrition label.

 At the end of the day it is all about balance. You should never feel bad about cheat days or the days you just need an extra sweet treat to end the day right.

Don’t feel defeated after having a higher calorie or sugar day. It is not the end of the world or end of your healthy habits you worked so hard to accomplish. It is just another step on the road that will lead to the healthier you.

You can learn from the foods and events that may steer you off your path. If you know certain food you just can’t say no to, simply don’t say no. Make up those calories in the other foods you eat or an extra 15 minutes of exercise.

You don’t have to cut out your favorite desserts completely, just pay closer attention to the serving size and try some of these alternatives before you indulge in your favorite sweet treat.

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